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First 8.2 release
author Adam Chlipala <>
date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 13:27:34 -0500
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<title>Certified Programming with Dependent Types</title>
<h1>Certified Programming with Dependent Types</h1>
<h2><a href="">Adam Chlipala</a></h2>

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<p>This is the web site for an in-progress textbook about practical engineering with <a href="">the Coq proof assistant</a>.  The focus is on building programs with proofs of correctness, using dependent types and scripted proof automation.</p>

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<h2>Distribution Formats</h2>
<li> <a href="cpdt.pdf">Latest draft as a PDF</a></li>
<li> <a href="html/toc.html">Online version of latest draft, as hyperlinked HTML</a></li>
<li> <a href="cpdt.tgz">Tarball of Coq source to latest draft</a></li>

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<h2>Used by:</h2>
<li> CS252 at Harvard <a href="">(Fall 2008)</a></li>

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<p>Updated on November 16, 2009 with a version retargeted to Coq 8.2pl1.  Some chapters on programming languages and compilers are empty or just contain Coq code; these should be filled in soon-ish.  Additional plans: a chapter on (practical aspects of) CIC metatheory and axioms; a chapter on best practices with dependent De Bruijn syntax; some examples of locally nameless syntax; more examples of Ltac design patterns; discussion of tactic debugging and maintenance.</p>