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 <div class="project">
-<h2>Used by:</h2>
+<h2>Use in classes</h2>
+<h3>Classes where CPDT is/was the primary text</h3>
 <li>CS691PL at U. Mass. Amherst <a href="">(Spring 2014)</a></li>
 <li>CSE 506 at U. Washington <a href="">(Winter 2014)</a></li>
 <li>EECS 395 at Northwestern <a href="">(Fall 2013)</a></li>
-<li>CS 7190 at Cornell <a href="">(Summer 2013)</a></li>
 <li>CIS 670 at Penn <a href="">(Fall 2012)</a></li>
 <li>6.892 at MIT <a href="">(Fall 2011)</a></li>
 <li>CS252 at Harvard <a href="">(Fall 2008)</a></li>
+<h3>Classes where CPDT is/was a supplementary text</h3>
+<li>CS 565 at Purdue <a href="">(Spring 2014)</a></li>
+<li>CMPS203 at UC Santa Cruz <a href="">(Winter 2014)</a></li>
+<li>CS 430 at Yale <a href="">(Fall 2013)</a></li>
+<li>CS410 at Portland State <a href="">(Spring 2013)</a></li>
+<li>IFT 6172 at U. Montreal <a href="">(Spring 2013)</a></li>
+<li>TIES341 at U. Jyv&auml;skyl&auml; <a href="">(Spring 2013)</a></li>
+<li>CS252r at Harvard <a href="">(Fall 2011)</a></li>
+<li>G54DTP at Nottingham <a href="">(Spring 2011)</a></li>
+<h3>Reading groups</h3>
+<li>CS 7190 at Cornell <a href="">(Summer 2013)</a></li>
+<li>At U. Wisconsin <a href="">(2008-2009)</a></li>
 <div class="project">