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Exercises online
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adam@489 4 <title>Certified Programming with Dependent Types Exercises</title>
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adam@489 6 <h1><a href="..">Certified Programming with Dependent Types</a> Exercises</h1>
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adam@489 8 <div class="summary">
adam@489 9 <p>Here lies an attempt to crowdsource the production of exercises for CPDT.</p>
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adam@489 12 <div class="project">
adam@489 13 <h2>Suggested Exercises</h2>
adam@489 14 <ul>
adam@489 15 <li> <a href="exercises.pdf">Snapshot of exercises that were included in CPDT when I decided to stop maintaining exercises</a> (<a href="">Adam Chlipala</a>)</li>
adam@489 16 <li> <a href="">Homeworks from CIS 670 at Penn in Fall 2012</a> (<a href="">Benjamin Pierce</a> and students in the class)</li>
adam@489 17 </ul>
adam@489 18 </div>
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