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Publishing to the web
author Adam Chlipala <>
date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 17:18:11 -0400
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adamc@39 4 <title>Certified Programming with Dependent Types</title>
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adamc@39 6 <h1>Certified Programming with Dependent Types</h1>
adamc@39 7 <h2><a href="/">Adam Chlipala</a></h2>
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adamc@39 9 <div class="summary">
adamc@39 10 <p>This is the web site for an in-progress textbook about practical engineering with <a href="">the Coq proof assistant</a>. The focus is on building programs with proofs of correctness, using dependent types and scripted proof automation.</p>
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adamc@39 12 <p>This is the text for a <a href="">Fall 2008 class at Harvard</a>.</p>
adamc@39 13 </div>
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adamc@39 15 <div class="project">
adamc@39 16 <ul>
adamc@39 17 <li> <a href="cpdt.pdf">Latest draft as a PDF</a></li>
adamc@39 18 <li> <a href="html/toc.html">Online version of latest draft, as hyperlinked HTML</a></li>
adamc@39 19 <li> <a href="cpdt.tgz">Tarball of Coq source to latest draft</a></li>
adamc@39 20 </div>
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adamc@39 22 </body></html>