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Two new courses
author Adam Chlipala <>
date Fri, 19 Oct 2018 10:27:35 -0400
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MODULES_NODOC := CpdtTactics MoreSpecif DepList
MODULES_CODE  := StackMachine InductiveTypes Predicates Coinductive Subset GeneralRec \
	MoreDep DataStruct Equality Generic Universes LogicProg Match Reflection \
	Large ProgLang
VS            := $(MODULES:%=src/%.v)
TEX           := $(MODULES:%=latex/%.v.tex)
VS_DOC        := $(MODULES_DOC:%=%.v)
TEMPLATES     := $(MODULES_CODE:%=templates/%.v)

.PHONY: coq clean doc html templates install cpdt.tgz pdf

coq: Makefile.coq
	$(MAKE) -f Makefile.coq

Makefile.coq: Makefile $(VS)
	coq_makefile $(VS) \
		COQC = "coqc -R src Cpdt" \
		COQDEP = "coqdep -R src Cpdt" \
		-o Makefile.coq

clean:: Makefile.coq
	$(MAKE) -f Makefile.coq clean
	rm -f Makefile.coq .depend cpdt.tgz templates/*.v
	cd latex; rm -f *.sty *.log *.aux *.dvi *.v.tex *.toc *.bbl *.blg *.idx *.ilg *.pdf *.ind *.out

doc: latex/cpdt.pdf html

COQDOC = coqdoc -R . Cpdt

latex/%.v.tex: Makefile src/%.v src/%.glob
	cd src ; $(COQDOC) --interpolate --latex --body-only -s \
		$*.v -o ../latex/$*.v.tex

latex/cpdt.pdf: latex/cpdt.tex $(TEX) latex/cpdt.bib
	cd latex ; pdflatex cpdt ; pdflatex cpdt ; bibtex cpdt ; makeindex cpdt ; pdflatex cpdt ; pdflatex cpdt

latex/%.pdf: latex/%.tex latex/cpdt.bib
	cd latex ; pdflatex $* ; pdflatex $* ; bibtex $* ; makeindex $* ; pdflatex $* ; pdflatex $*

html: Makefile $(VS) src/toc.html
	mkdir -p html
	cd src ; $(COQDOC) --interpolate --no-externals $(VS_DOC) \
		-d ../html
	cp src/toc.html html/

templates: $(TEMPLATES)

templates/%.v: src/%.v tools/
	ocaml tools/ <$< >$@

	hg archive -t tgz $@

cpdtlib.tgz: Makefile
	mkdir -p cpdtlib
	cp src/LICENSE cpdtlib
	# Generate specifically BSD licenced versions of the lib files.
	ocaml tools/ < src/CpdtTactics.v > cpdtlib/CpdtTactics.v
	ocaml tools/ < src/MoreSpecif.v > cpdtlib/MoreSpecif.v
	ocaml tools/ < src/DepList.v > cpdtlib/DepList.v
	tar zcf cpdtlib.tgz cpdtlib/*

install: cpdt.tgz cpdtlib.tgz latex/cpdt.pdf latex/exercises.pdf html
	cp cpdt*.tgz staging/
	cp latex/cpdt.pdf staging/
	cp latex/exercises.pdf staging/ex/
	cp -R html staging/
	rsync -az --exclude '*~' staging/*

	evince latex/cpdt.pdf&

latex/exercises.pdf: Makefile src/Exercises.v
	coqc -R src Cpdt src/Exercises
	$(COQDOC) --latex -s src/Exercises.v -o latex/exercises.tex
	cd latex ; pdflatex exercises